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Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS)

The BLS course is an extensive course designed for participants who provide health care to patients both in the hospital and in an outpatient setting, including doctors, therapists, EMTs, paramedics, and rescuers. Upon completion, participants will be able to demonstrate the skills of CPR for adults, children and infants. The course also trains participants for AED use.

Heartsaver AED

A comprehensive course for first responders to emergencies in the workplace or those who participate in public access defibrillation (PAD). Participants will learn how to assess a victim’s airway, deliver breaths, check for signs of circulation and perform chest compressions.

CPR for Family & Friends

A basic course in CPR for the general public. This course will teach lay rescuers who want to protect family members, friends and co-workers. Each participatn will learn how to recognize heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke and choking; how to activate the Emergency Response System (EMS); and perform CPR. Participants in this course are not required to pass a written exam or skill evaluation; and do not receive credential.

Heartsaver First Aid

This course trains lay people and rescuers at work sites how to activate the Emergency Response Systems (EMS) administer CPR and use an AED, help a choking victim and manage medical injury and environmental emergencies (including the use of inhalers and epinephrine injectors). This course will be tailored to meet the specific emergencies at your work site. It may also be tailored as a first aid course without CPR.